Front-line workers at Newark’s University Hospital receive 2nd doses of COVID-19 vaccine

Front-line workers at University Hospital in Newark received their second doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine, making them just weeks away from 95% immunity.
It’s been exactly three weeks since the very first vaccination went to ER nurse, Maritza Beniquez. Beniquez and her colleagues received their second dose of the vaccine on Monday.
When scientists were studying Pfizer's vaccine, they found that with just one dose, there was a little more than 50% level of protection, but with two doses, it rose to a 95% protection.
For those on the front lines, like Beniquez, it’s the sense of security they have been waiting for.
"Walking away now, I know by the end of this month, I am 95% immune, and I will take those chances anywhere, anytime, 95% sure that I can kiss my grandchildren and not get sick, 95% sure that I can go and turn a patient suction, a patient treat,” says Beniquez. “I am at 95% sure that when I go to a restaurant, I won't get sick."
Beniquez is one of hundreds of front-line workers a day getting vaccinated at the hospital, and that number of vaccinations a day could be going up, as the hospital now has access to Moderna’s vaccine as well.
“Vaccination is going extremely well without the initial issues of getting Pfizer a shift here, we were able to completely replace that with Moderna because it was important that for the public health,” says CEO of the hospital, Shereef Elnahal.
Those who got their second vaccines this morning were watched for about 15 minutes after to make sure they didn't have any reactions. The goal now is to give out the rest of the second doses, and continue on with first dose vaccinations as well.