Follow the rules -- Hoboken e-scooter program begins with a few bumps

Hoboken became the first city in New Jersey to launch an electric scooter program, but not with a few bumps when it came to the rules.
Number one on the rule list by far -- do not ride them on the sidewalks.
Hoboken's police chief did receive several complaints about riders taking them onto the sidewalks.
Police did not issue any summonses, but want everyone with a scooter to know you cannot ride them on sidewalks.
Other rules include never blocking sidewalks or crosswalks when parking them, ride with the flow of traffic and follow all traffic rules.
"We started off day one with 2,500 rides on 250 scooters,” says Lime electric scooter general manager Gil Kazimirov. “There's a ton of excitement, but we also want to make sure it's not a fun thing to do but it's also a safe thing to do. So we have people on the ground, in line gear, to speak to folks, answer questions, talk about safety."
Lime is going to hold several more rider education events through June.
The next one will be Tuesday at the 14th Street Ferry Terminal between 2 and 6 p.m.