First lawsuit filed over tainted milk in Camden schools; dozens sent to hospital after consuming

A lawsuit has been filed against a Connecticut dairy for allowing tainted milk to be served last Wednesday to young children in the Camden School District.
The Lento Law Group is representing three mothers whose children drank the milk and had to be taken to the hospital.
The suit was filed last Friday in federal court.
Milk from the Guida-Seibert Dairy was contaminated with a sanitizer and sickened as many as 30 children who attended Early Childhood Development Centers at the Yorkship Family School and Veterans Memorial Family School.
The milk served to students was contaminated with Vortexx, a colorless sanitizer.
School district officials say they will create new standardized procedures regarding checks and balances with beverages and food.
The Camden County Department of Health says parents who have concerns should contact their primary care physician or visit a medical clinic. They can also call the county hotline at 856-549-0530 with any questions.
Dozens of students were sent to the hospital after consuming contaminated milk Wednesday afternoon, according to the Camden County Department of Health. The school has confirmed the milk was mixed with a non-toxic, consumable sanitizer that cleans industrial equipment.