Officials: Dozens of New Jersey students sent to hospital after consuming contaminated milk

Dozens of students were sent to the hospital after consuming contaminated milk Wednesday afternoon.

News 12 Staff

Mar 31, 2022, 10:22 AM

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Dozens of students were sent to the hospital after consuming contaminated milk Wednesday afternoon, according to the Camden County Department of Health. The school has confirmed the milk was mixed with a non-toxic, consumable sanitizer that cleans industrial equipment.
The milk served to students was contaminated with Vortexx, a colorless sanitizer. Over 64 students were affected, with 33 taken to the hospital due to vomiting. All were treated and released. Most attend Camden’s Early Childhood Education Center.
Camden City officials say the milk is called Guida’s and has since been pulled as the investigation continues into how the sanitizer that runs through the vendor machines prior to putting milk in its cartons was mixed in with the milk.
School district officials say they will create new standardized procedures regarding checks and balances with beverages and food.
There is no word yet from Guida’s on how the incident occurred and no official word if this in fact affected students earlier than Wednesday. The state Department of Health is expected to be part of the investigation.
Torey Daniel’s 7-year-old attends the Riletta Twyne Cream Early Childhood Development Center across town. She believes her son's symptoms, including headache and diarrhea, started sooner.
“I asked my son if he had drank the milk, and he said yes,” says Daniel. “My son's symptoms started on Tuesday, but I was unaware of the situation until the next day."
Other parents whose kids did not drink it are relieved.
“They called like two times and sent an email I believe, and the teachers texted us just to make sure everything was OK,” says Ashley Chinn.
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