Family of missing South Seaside Park woman hopes public can help solve 15-year cold case

Julia Madsen went missing on June 25, 2009, when she was 72 years old.

Jim Murdoch

Jun 25, 2024, 9:58 PM

Updated 24 days ago


A cold case gets new life in Ocean County as the family of a missing mother once again hopes someone will remember something about the day she went missing over a decade ago.
Julia Madsen, of South Seaside Park, went missing on June 25, 2009.
"Never in a million years would you think you’d be the victim of someone going missing in your family," said Guy Madsen, Julia Madsen’s son.
On that day in June 15 years ago, Guy Madsen got the call no family member could ever prepare for.
"I was taking my 12-year-old son for ice cream in Clifton and he basically said my mom was missing,” said Guy Madsen.
Julia Madsen, then 72 years old, had early stages of Alzheimer's and went for an evening walk at 7 p.m. near Island Beach State Park. Julia and her husband Ed were in town celebrating a milestone. Ed Madsen died this past February.
"He had come down here with his wife after their 50th wedding anniversary to celebrate, and he left alone," Guy Madsen said.
"Despite law enforcement’s best efforts, Julia was never found. We were never able to give the closure to the family," said Berkeley Township Police Lead Detective Joseph Santoro.
Investigators hope to trigger a memory from someone who might have been visiting the area that day in 2009.
"So putting it back in the media, maybe someone came here as a child and they do have that memory of the day Michael Jackson died, an unusual event that can draw their memory," said Lt. Joseph Itri, from the NJSP Missing Person's Unit.
Jackson died on June 29, 2009 – the same day Julia Madsen went missing.
Three years after she disappeared, investigators hoped some sign of Julia Madsen would churn up in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. Although Sandy left its powerful mark on the island, it could not bring the Madsen family closure.
"Generally, there’s a gap in time and a lack of witnesses so those types of things make it difficult but quite honestly all of them are difficult," said Itri.
Julia Madsen was last seen wearing a pink sleeveless shirt, white capri pants, gold and silver bracelet on her left wrist and a watch on her right wrist.
Berkeley Township police are asking anyone who may remember something from that day to reach out to them. Tips can remain anonymous.

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