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Exotic dancer claims she was kidnapped from Brooklyn club, escaped in New Jersey

Denise Jones has a broken leg and says she is lucky to be alive. She says that she lived through the worst moment of her life.

Matt Trapani and Eliecer Marte

Jul 24, 2023, 8:41 PM

Updated 334 days ago


An exotic dancer claims she escaped a kidnapping scheme by alleged sex traffickers. Denise Jones has a broken leg and says she is lucky to be alive. She says that she lived through the worst moment of her life.
Jones, 40, works at Foxy Gentlemen’s Club on Coney Island. She claims that two weeks ago, two women allegedly kidnapped her – women who were customers at the club that had seen her working at another club previously.
“These two girls came in that I know from a previous club. I decided to sit with them so I can make some more money,” says Jones.
She says the two women bought her some drinks.
“My last drink I felt like a little woozy. Come to find out my report from the hospital they did put something in my drink,” says Jones. “That’s why I ended up passing out in the car.”
Jones alleges that at the end of the night, the two women were supposed to take her home in Brooklyn which is only five minutes away from the club where she was working on that night. But instead, “I would say five seconds into the ride I ended up passing out. When I did wake up, I find myself in [New] Jersey,” says Jones.
Jones says she ended up in Perth Amboy. She claims that there was also a man in the vehicle and that she asked them to let her out of the car, but she says they wouldn’t let her.
“The girl that was in the passenger side called some guy and said, ‘Hey, we have another body and we want more money for this one.’ I said oh my god, I’m either being sex trafficked or they going to sell my organs,” says Jones.
Jones says she jumped out of the car and onto the highway.
“Broke my ankle in different places. Have metal rods holding my ankle up,” she says. Jones says she ran away and that the women and man chased her.
“When I got to an intersection with trucks, they started following me to that place, but they couldn’t catch up to me and they ended up leaving,” Jones says.
Perth Amboy police tell News 12 New Jersey that an investigation is open and that they cannot comment on the matter.
“The cops saw them on camera,” says Jones, adding that officers will be taking a full report on Thursday.
Jones says that she is not only worried about her safety but that these individuals could be doing the same thing to other women.
“I trusted them to take me home because they were two girls. Didn’t think nothing bad was going to happen,” says Jones.
Jones adds that Foxy Gentlemen’s Club is cooperating with investigators. But she says she does not plan to go back to work there.

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