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Elizabeth intersection named one of the deadliest in the country

The intersection is located at Routes 1&9 and East Jersey Street in Elizabeth.

Matt Trapani and Samantha Liebman

Mar 29, 2023, 12:09 AM

Updated 425 days ago


Two intersections in New Jersey are tied for the most dangerous intersections in the country. One is getting improvements, but it seems that the other will not be getting any attention.
Braulio Sanchez has lived near the intersection of Routes 1&9 and East Jersey Street in Elizabeth for eight years. He says it can be wild.
“Every week they have an accident. Some people die. It’s very dangerous,” he says.
This intersection was tied for the deadliest intersection, according to a study commissioned by a Colorado law firm. The other intersection is Lalor Street and Route 129 in Trenton.
Both intersections saw nine deaths between 2000 and 2019. Officials announced new safety improvements for the intersection in Trenton last year. But no such announcement was made for the Elizabeth roadway.
Students from Elizabeth’s high school located a few blocks away say that they have to constantly dodge cars.
“I have to watch all sides because there’s cars coming from this way, there’s cars coming from that way,” says student Ariana Vidal.
Others say that they often get stuck in the middle while trying to cross the street.
Sanchez says that he doesn’t like his family walking to the supermarket across the street.
“I prefer they drive to the supermarket and do not cross the street,” he says.
But despite complaints from residents, Elizabeth officials tell News 12 that they were unaware of the situation. They referred News 12 to the state.
State data shows that for the year 2020 there were 161 crashes in and around Routes 1&9 and East Jersey Street. There were three fatalities. This was during the year of pandemic lockdowns.

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