Driver in deadly wrong-way crash in California identified as YouTube star

The driver in a deadly wrong-way crash on a California highway has been identified as a YouTube video game star.
Trevor Heitmann, 18, went by the name “McSkillet” online with a YouTube channel of about 900,000 subscribers.
Police say that Heitmann was driving a $200,000 McLaren sports car the wrong way on Interstate 805 in San Diego when he crashed into another vehicle, killing himself and the people in the other car.
The victims were identified as 43-year-old Aileen Pizarro and her 12-year-old daughter Aryana.
Heitmann was known to discuss video games on his YouTube channel. Authorities say that his popularity has drawn lots of interest in the case.
"There's been a lot of media attention regarding this case based upon what this person, I guess, did for a living. So there's obviously more attention drawn to this case for that purpose,” said Officer Jake Sanchez, of the California Highway Patrol. “So we have been receiving calls from out of state, East Coast, overseas, from England."
Heitmann had been kicked off some gaming sites for alleged activity on a gambling web site. It appears that he was struggling with depression just prior to the crash, leading to internet speculation that it was suicide.