Did you drive over this bridge this year? Check your E-ZPass bill . . . you may have been charged $9

If you drove over the Trenton-Morrisville bridge this year, check your E-ZPass bill -- the company may have overcharged you.
An E-ZPass reader was damaged from February to early July. You may have been overcharged if you used the right E-ZPass-only lane at the Trenton-Morrisville (Route 1) Toll Bridge's toll plaza between February and early July.
The reader sporadically caused an unknown number of vehicles to be charged a $9 toll instead of $1.25. The problem appears to be confined to vans, SUVs, cars and pickup trucks.
If you were overcharged, contact the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission for a refund through its toll-free customer service line at 1-800-363-0049. Customers can also email to Commission E-ZPass staff directly at CSC@drjtbc.org.