Denville police, firefighters take part in ice rescue, cold-water training exercises

The Denville Police Department, along with a couple of firefighters, are taking part today in ice rescue and cold-water training exercises.
Five police officers and two firefighters were out in Cooks Pond this morning working on their training.
Even though nothing was frozen around them, it was still an opportunity to learn how to properly use the wet suits and get a head start on their certification.
“So many lakes in town and rivers, it’s very important for us to have these suits available,” says Capt. Jeff Tucker. “We have them in each of our front-line patrol cars, which are the first cars out the first on the road every day and we use them in the past as well.”
The officials receiving training in the water will also receive classroom training today. It’s hoped at some point this winter temperatures will drop low enough to allow for training in ice.
Purchase of the suits was made by donations from the Rotary, American Legion and Lake communities.