Dave’s Forecast: Looking for heavy rain, flooding dangers for most of Friday

Periods of heavy rain and gusty winds are expected for most of Friday.

Dave Curren

Sep 28, 2023, 9:42 AM

Updated 258 days ago


WEATHER ALERT: A flood watch is in effect for parts of the state through Friday.
“It's deja vu all over again.” - Yogi Berra
The quiet weather was nice while it lasted. We have to get ready again for another round of possibly significant storms that could lead to widespread flooding if this storm comes together.
TONIGHT: Clouds will continue to thicken and lower. The winds are still and will continue to be through the weekend off of the ocean. This onshore flow is pushing A LOT of ocean water toward the coast. On top of that, the full "super" Harvest Moon of September will have tides running 1-3 feet above normal. During high tide, we can expect a decent surge of salt water inundation. Spotty showers add to the dreariness tonight. The wind, clouds and showery moments keep temperatures feeling raw. Lows in the mid- to upper-50s.
FRIDAY: It’s a hot ticket to Nopeville! Periods of heavy rain and gusty winds for the majority of the day. Rainfall rates of 1 inch per hour are possible at times. On average, I believe we could collect 1-3 inches of rain. There might be a few neighborhoods that see much more than that. This type of rainfall will likely mean localized flooding. PLAN FOR IT.
SATURDAY: The weekend starts off on the iffy side but eventually the weather eases and the sun will poke through. Highs in the low-70s, which is right on the money for this time of year.
SUNDAY: The first day of October. Sunny and milder temperatures in the upper-70s.

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