Dangers of the DM: New Jersey woman left stranded after Bronx man steals dog, belongings on disaster first date

Talk about a bad first date! A New Jersey woman says she went on date with a Bronx man she met on Instagram, where he stole her dog, belongings, and left her stranded at the end of the night.
Ivana Cadavid says she went on a date with a guy she met on Instagram, after he had been asking her to go on a date with him for days.
After finally giving in, the 23-year-old agreed to have dinner with him on Aug. 17. She met him at the BP gas station on Westchester Avenue. She brought along her beloved two French bulldogs named Louie and Leo.
The two drove in the man's car to Manhattan for dinner. When Cadavid stepped out of the car to let one of the dogs go to the bathroom, she says the man drove off with her other dog, purse and belongings in the car.
Since the disaster date, Cadavid has shared the story of the incident to her 30,000 followers on Instagram, which made her date angry.
The alleged dog-thief has blocked her from contacting him and has yet to return her dog.
Police are still investigating the incident.
The suspect is allegedly thin with long hair and face tattoos. Anyone with any information is encouraged to call police.