Cumberland County school janitor accused of contaminating cafeteria food products with urine, feces and bleach

A janitor at Elizabeth Moore School in Cumberland County was arrested following accusations that he contaminated cafeteria food that was served to students and staff.
Authorities say Giovanni Impellizzeri has been employed by the school since 2019.
According to a release from Cumberland County Prosecutor Jennifer Webb-McRae:
"The defendant is alleged to have tampered with or otherwise contaminated food products and utensils located within the school cafeteria with bleach and personal bodily fluids (including saliva, urine and feces) that were allegedly offered for consumption to school students and/or staff."
Impellizzeri is also accused of performing sexual acts with inanimate objects at the school and posting videos of the acts on social media, according to police.
Authorities say school officials contacted New Jersey State police after receiving multiple anonymous tips about the social media posts.
Impellizzeri was arrested on Oct. 31. He was charged with aggravated assault, tampering with food products, endangering the welfare of a child, attempted endangering the welfare of a child and official misconduct.
The Cumberland County Health Department is working with the school to ensure food preparation areas, serving utensils and surfaces have been properly sanitized and any tampered products have been discarded.
They are also awaiting test results from Impellizzeri to determine if he has any infectious diseases.
Some parents tell News 12 that they think the school district should have been more transparent about the situation.
“I'm hurt. I'm upset. I'm angry. I have a lot of mixed emotions,” said one parent.
An online petition has been made calling for the resignation of Peter Koza, the superintendent of the Upper Deefield School District. The petition has collected over 300 signatures so far.