Communities starting to run out of road salt with more storms coming

With more storms on the way, the mayor of one Bergen County town is hoping Mother Nature will soon cut us all a break as rock salt is now in short supply.
After going through that ice storm over the weekend, Montvale Mayor Mike Ghassali says another ice storm is expected tomorrow and yet another storm later in the week, followed by a nice warm up next week. He says he was notified by the county to conserve roadway rock salt usage and that they will not be getting any salt delivery for few weeks.
The winter storms of January 31 through February 3 have put limitations of the amount of salt that can be shipped daily out of the port, limiting the volume of daily deliveries available. The town typically uses 150-200 tons of salt during a snowstorm with each truck carrying about 25 tons of salt.
The salt shed currently has about 150 tons remaining which the mayor says gets them through this week, but then they are hoping and expecting to pick up salt as soon as supply becomes available.