Cemetery in Sparkill that's filled with history marks its 175th year

The Rockland Cemetery is one of the oldest in the area, and it's marking a major milestone this year.
Rockland Cemetery in Sparkill dates back to 1847 and was created by Eleazar Lord, the first president of the Erie Railroad. Lord planned for the cemetery to be a place for the living and the dead.
"So, people could come and visit their loved ones in a peaceful quiet place," says Jim Dean, of Rockland Cemetery.
As the cemetery marks its 175th year, Dean says they're working to have it around for another 175 years.
"We're actually looking at expansion because it's necessary. We're working with our local town to develop plans that would take us out in the next five to 10 years," says Dean.
The cemetery covers about 200 acres with 14,000 resting peacefully alongside some of the biggest names in history.
Gen. John C. Fremont, best known for his exploration to California and map of the Oregon Trail, is buried at the cemetery.
The cemetery almost became the country's national cemetery before Arlington was given the title in the mid-1800s.
A celebration to commemorate its 175th year will take place Saturday.