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Caught on camera: Group of men busted in crumb cake theft at Jersey Shore bakery 

Three young men were caught on camera stealing an entire tray of crumb cake from Colonial Bakery in Lavallette. 

Lanette Espy and Jim Murdoch

Jul 19, 2023, 11:30 AM

Updated 337 days ago


An unusual theft was caught on camera and is getting a lot of attention all because of the way the business is choosing to handle the punishment for the thieves.
A group of young men stole an entire tray of crumb cake from Colonial Bakery in Lavallette. The incident happened after midnight Sunday. 
The bakery posted a video of the theft on its Facebook page. The video shows the men standing outside the rear entry of the bakery and one of them recording the theft. In just a couple of seconds, one of the men grabs the tray and disappears.  
The owners told News 12 New Jersey the thieves were identified within a few hours. Within a day, the owners say they were in contact with the people who pulled off the theft and made a deal with them. The owners want the thieves to pay the cost of the cake and post an apology video. The owners say if the thieves do this, they won't press charges.
The bakery also posted a poll to its page asking folks what to do with the thieves. More than 600 people voted on options from filing a police report to making them eat a whole pan of cake each in one setting. 
Three of the four men returned Tuesday night and paid the owners back for the cake.
The owners told News 12 that they tried to make light of the situation but at the same time also settle this between the thieves and themselves without having police involved. They also want to show the thieves that to small businesses, this is no joke.  
No charges have been filed. And no apology has been made publicly yet. 

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