Camden County keeps COVID-19 vaccine site running during Thursday snowstorm

Some COVID-19 vaccine sites were closed on Thursday during a snowstorm. But Camden County kept its Blackwood site running, vaccinating more than 1,800 people.
“The day before, we reached out to about 400-500 patients to see if they’d like to reschedule based on the weather and their overwhelming response to us was, ‘No, I’m going to get in and get my shot,’” says Camden County spokesman Dan Keashen.
Southern New Jersey saw milder weather during Thursday’s storm, which allowed the site to remain open. Officials say that about 10% of the appointments that were scheduled for Thursday were rescheduled for Friday or Saturday.
“Probably somewhere along the lines of 200 people rescheduled,” Keashen says.
The Camden County site closed just once at the beginning of February during a larger snowstorm. Many people who were at the clinic on Friday to get the vaccine said that they were grateful the weather wasn’t as bad.
Brianna Corrigan of Sicklerville said that she probably wouldn’t have gone out in the bad weather on Thursday to get the vaccine.
“The roads are like an ice rink, so I probably wouldn’t have been able to make it,” she says.
Others said that they left a little home a little earlier on Friday to give themselves more time to make their appointments if the roads were still too bad.
Camden County officials say that anyone who needs to reschedule a vaccine appointment won’t lose their spot. They will be fitted in within the next few days following a storm.
This is good information to know as another snowstorm is expected to impact the state on Monday.
“If it’s a second dose, it’s very important that we keep it very close together. So, as soon as things open up, we will reschedule them to the next day or the following day after that,” says Keashen.
Camden County says they're currently scheduled out as far as September for vaccination appointments. But they say that as supply increases, they can move those appointments up sooner.