Attempted car thefts becoming concerning trend in Summit

The attempts were all high-end vehicles of different make and models, according to Summit police.

Rob Taub

Jun 4, 2024, 10:02 AM

Updated 10 days ago


A concerning trend has engulfed the city of Summit after multiple reported attempted car thefts this past few month.
The attempts were all high-end vehicles of different make and models.
The most recent car theft was at a business on Hobart Avenue, when a 2024 Range Rover valued at $108,000 was taken on June 2. The victim left the car unlocked with the key fob inside. Twenty-four hours earlier, there were multiple tries on Iris Road – but it is unclear which cars were the target. The cars were locked, except for one where the suspect was able to get away with sunglasses.
"Well I always lock the door, I used to go out and bring the dog out and leave the backdoor unlocked but I don't do that anymore because of this," said Summit resident David Peck. "We put up a couple of those motion lights and we have him, he makes so much noise so we feel alright. And our neighbors have dogs that bark too."
In late May, a victim went for a walk, and parked their 2022 Mercedes GLE valued at $57,000 on Briant Parkway. The keys were left in the unlocked car and was later recovered in Newark.
Earlier in the month, police say surveillance video caught a 2021 Jeep Wrangler valued at $42,000 was driven out of a Broad Street business's parking lot. A key fob was not reported in the vehicle. Also a suspect was able to get into an unlocked 2012 Audi Q5 parked at a home on Larned Toad. The key fob was also not in the SUV, and nothing was reported stolen.
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