Assemblywoman bans doll she says promotes violence and racism

A New Jersey assemblywoman representing Hudson County says that she successfully convinced a store in Bayonne to stop selling a doll she says promotes violence and racism.
The doll is black and has braids. A tag on it says that is meant to be thrown at a wall and “make its owner feel better.”
Assemblywoman Angela McKnight says her constituents told her about it. She convinced the owner of the store selling it to take the doll off the shelves.
“It tells a little kid to in order to feel well you take this and you throw it against a wall. And you whack her – HER – and while you’re doing that, you say ‘I feel good. I feel good,’” McKnight says. “That's bullying. That's domestic violence. That's not love and that's instructions to tell a kid how to be violent.”
State Sen. Sandra Cunningham said that the doll is offensive.
“It brings back the thoughts of slavery. That is not what you can do,” she says. “So it's not censorship, not if you do something that purposefully hurts other people.”
McKnight says that when she saw the doll she cringed and was disheartened.