As gas prices soar, should you make the switch to an electric-powered vehicle?

Electric vehicles have become more popular in recent years, with various companies debuting their models in the United States. More charging stations are also popping up across the country.
And as gas prices continue to rise across New Jersey and the country, some are wondering if it is time to make a change.
“Right now, there’s about 40 models available to the public,” says Scott Harvey, president and CEO of Scott Harvey Kia in Ewing.
Harvey says that in the last two years, he has sold over 200 electric vehicles. Kia is offering two different models. But is it cheaper than owning a gas-powered car? Harvey says that it depends.
"Between the up charge of the vehicle itself and then there's the expense of the charger and then depending on where it's plugged in you’re going to have an incurred expense of the electric bill,” Harvey says. “So in your home, you’ll have to install the charger and it can run anywhere from $800-$1200 and plus the increase in your electric consumption."
Scott Kelsey, of Pennington, owns a Tesla. He says he is able to work remotely and charge his car for free at a charging station near his home. He says that owning an electric vehicle is worth it for him.
News 12 New Jersey conducted an unscientific poll on Twitter asking followers if they have ever considered buying an electric vehicle. Just over 70% said no, while about 29% said yes.
Harvey says that while he is expecting more customers to come through his doors, he is curious about the impact electric cars will have on the auto industry.
"What are the long-term effects of the EV, the battery? Down the road, when our cars are no longer roadworthy, what do we do to dispose of the batteries in the proper fashion?” Harvey asked. “These are some things that maybe haven't been completely thought through."
The average price of gasoline is now up to $4.17 per gallon in New Jersey.