NJ gas prices reach record-high. Here’s how you can save some money at the pump

New Jersey gas prices reached a record high this week, with the average price for a gallon of fuel costing drivers $4.17.

News 12 Staff

Mar 7, 2022, 10:27 AM

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New Jersey gas prices reached a record high this week, with the average price for a gallon of fuel costing drivers $4.17. The previous record was $3.99 back in 2008.
At the Shell station in Red Bank, the price per gallon is $4.49. Management says they expect to see the price per gallon to jump up to $5 a gallon within 10 days. With the prices of gasoline increasing so greatly, many New Jersey drivers are wondering how they can save some dollars.
“People complain, but they still seem to pay and fill their tanks up,” says gas station attendant Chris Decker.
Decker says that some people will occasionally leave when they see the price. Even he is making changes when it comes to driving. Decker drives a Mercedes with a V-8 engine that gets 12 miles to the gallon. He says it cost him $126 the last time he filled his tank.
“It’s about a quarter of my paycheck to fill up each month,” Decker says.
He says he has had to make changes to his personal life.
“I’m from Staten Island, but I don’t drive out as much as I used to,” he says.
Quitting the long drives is one way save. Another way is to simply shop around. Experts say drivers shouldn’t simply gas-up at the nearest station, but look for a station with a lower price.
Other drivers say they are able to save thanks to their jobs and working from home. Colts Neck resident Ken Bropson says he is no longer commuting five days a week.
“I work from home half the time. I could take a train. I work in Manhattan,” he says.
Bropson says that he sees the price of fuel and blames it on the gas companies.
“Shame on the gas companies. Because they’re making record profits now, when we need them to step up. They should cut back a little bit,” he says.
Experts say there are a few reasons for the high prices. One is demand. People are travelling and commuting to work again. The other is the war in Ukraine. The day that Russia launched its invasion the price of oil went up to $100 per barrel - the highest in seven years.
But now everyone must decide how to deal with it. Some customers at the Shell tell Decker they’re ditching the car.
“They say they’re going home and gonna start riding bikes,” Decker says.
The cheapest gas in New Jersey, as of Monday was a Delta station in Elizabeth, according to GasBuddy, at $3.59 per gallon. The most expensive was at an Exxon station in Bedminster at $6.29 per gallon.

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