American Airlines to offer flight service out of AC Int’l Airport via Philadelphia

There is now a new way to travel at Atlantic City International Airport, but it does not actually involve getting on a plane.
Spirit Airlines is one of the only carriers currently operating out of the airport. But passengers will soon be able to book a flight through American Airlines – with Philadelphia as their connection.
Passengers will check their bags like they would for a flight right in Atlantic City.
“You can check those right in when you arrive in Atlantic City and they’ll meet you at your final destination,” says David Sunde, co-founder and CEO of Landline. “Pending regulatory approval, you'll be able to clear security and then you'll board a Landline vehicle who will take you directly to the concourse of the Philadelphia airport."
Landline is still in the process of getting approval from the Transportation Security Administration, but the company says that once it is approved, travelers will be able to clear security in Atlantic City. Passengers say this is a big advantage.
"Going through security in Philly is a nightmare ... you don't really know where to go... you could easily get lost, I did, but here it's just you're going in you're going upstairs relaxing,” says Yanira Villanueva, of Northfield.
Landline says there are certain TSA protocols that will be followed to ensure security is maintained between Atlantic City and Philadelphia. Passengers may still have to re-clear security in Philadelphia if something goes wrong. But the company says that the whole service is meant to be seamless.
“Everything about your hometown airport is more comfortable. It’s where you’re from, the parking is easier, the lobby is less congested,” Sunde says.
The service will begin June 3 in Atlantic City. News 12 is told that passengers will be able to book directly through the American Airlines' website very soon.