ALERT CENTER: Health advisers to discuss plans for COVID-19 booster shots

In just a few hours, federal health advisers will meet to discuss plans for COVID-19 booster shots.
The FDA says it's working to create a general framework for future decisions on additional shots.
Today the agency will discuss a range of issues from variant-specific booster shots, to whether younger Americans will need an additional shot.
Today's meeting comes as the National Institutes of Health studies different types of COVID-19 vaccine boosters.
Dr. Anthony Fauci says those clinical trials started last week to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of boosters available to use against future coronavirus variants.
“What we'll be doing is assessing different fourth doses that are either ancestral strain or variant-specific in the first phase of the study. In the second phase of the study, we're planning on looking at different vaccine platforms for the purpose of getting a great durability than we currently have," says Dr. Fauci.
Right now fourth doses are recommended for Americans over 50.