AG: Manville police chief accused of sexual assault; ex-Howell chief accused of misconduct

The first case surrounds Manville Police Chief Thomas Herbst, who is charged with “sexually predatory” behavior. The second involves the former Howell police chief, Andrew Kudrick.

Matt Trapani

Apr 12, 2023, 9:42 PM

Updated 468 days ago


The New Jersey Office of the Attorney General has announced charges against two members of law enforcement in separate cases.
The first case surrounds Manville Police Chief Thomas Herbst, who is charged with “sexually predatory” behavior.
Attorney General Matt Platkin alleges that Herbst sexually assaulted two different women and targeted many other women over multiple years.
“Our investigation has also uncovered evidence that Herbst would solicit sexual favors with the wives of subordinate officers in order to receive favorable employment decisions and opportunities. The evidence additionally shows he went to the home of the woman who had previously been his subordinate and sexually assaulted her,” Platkin said.
The attorney general says that Herbst regularly groped, exposed himself to and sexually assaulted a member of the police department for 15 years. He allegedly ordered the victim to wear skirts to work and once allegedly attacked her inside her home.
Platkin said Herbst abused his power and used his authority to get away with these offenses.
The attorney general also announced charges against former Howell police chief, Andrew Kudrick. Kudrick was charged with official misconduct for allegedly lying in covering up an extramarital affair with a police department employee.
Officials say that after a fellow officer found out about Kudrick's affair, Kudrick threatened to investigate that officer and later lied to a labor lawyer investigating the affair.
Kudrick’s actions were known enough that the Howell Police Union overwhelmingly voted no confidence in Kudrick before he retired last year.
Herbst is on paid leave as of this Wednesday morning.
Kudrick was served a summons that included the criminal charges against him.
News 12 reached out to the mayor of Manville about the situation, but he did not wish to comment, citing the ongoing investigation.
An attorney for Kudrick tells News 12, "Andy denies the allegations and has committed no crimes. Falling into political disfavor does not make you a criminal." The attorney says that Kudrick will vigorously defend against the charges.

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