AG investigating police-involved fatal shooting at Keansburg pharmacy

The Attorney General's Office is investigating a fatal shooting at a Keansburg pharmacy that involved police.
Authorities say a man, armed with a knife, stormed the pharmacy back in January.
Surveillance video appears to show the man, identified as James Sutton, with the large blade unlocking a door and barging into the back.
Police say Sutton was trying to rob the place as he pushed a worker around and threatened to hurt him.
Then officers arrived at the business on Main Street. The video shows some of them with long guns.
The officers deployed Tasers, but that did not work before one of them charged at Sutton.
Police then shot at Sutton, who was pronounced dead a short time later.
The officer who charged at him was slashed with the knife and is still recovering from his injuries.
The Attorney General's Office investigates all shootings that involve police.