ADL: Antisemitic incidents on the rise in NJ; 408 incidents in 2022

The Anti-Defamation League says the number of antisemitic incidents has risen in New Jersey over the past 10 years.

Matt Trapani and Samantha Liebman

Mar 24, 2023, 10:21 AM

Updated 483 days ago


A new report shows that antisemitic incidents are at an all-time high in the United States.
New Jersey is also setting another record. More than 400 antisemitic incidents took place in the state in 2022. There were over 3,600 incidents nationally, according to the Anti-Defamation League.
“We’ve never seen so many antisemitic incidents in New Jersey. It was up from 370 the year before, which we thought was a very high number then,” says Scott Richman, regional director of the ADL. “We didn’t realize it would exceed that.”
Richman says the 408 incidents in New Jersey are those reported to them during the year. He says the numbers have increased over the last 10 years and that the numbers could be higher.
The report reaffirms what Rabbi Marc Katz’s congregants at Temple Ner Tamid had been feeling even before their synagogue in Bloomfield was firebombed in January.
“Their anxiety level has been going up over the past few years,” Katz says.
No one was hurt during that firebombing, and no damage was reported. A person was arrested and is now facing charges.
The ADL’s audit measured harassment, vandalism and assault, which were up to 111 nationwide. There were nine in New Jersey alone.
"Most of those nine incidents took place in Lakewood, New Jersey, where there is a significant Orthodox Jewish population,” says Richman.
Ocean County leads the state in incidents, followed by Bergen, Monmouth, Middlesex and Essex.
Richman says the cause of rise is the polarization of society, social media and celebrities.
“In terms of what Kanye West said, his antisemitism, we tracked 59 incidents related directly to those statements. It has real-world impact and that can lead to violence against Jews,” Richman says.
So, what can be done?
"If we can speak with our school districts and work on Holocaust and anti-bias education, if we can create stronger bonds with our police departments. If we can strengthen our religious partnerships, so we can have allies we can show up for and they can show up for us,” says Katz.
The audit also found that there were 120 antisemitic incidents in New Jersey’s K-12 schools. The ADL is addressing this with anti-bias and anti-bullying programming in 70 schools throughout the state.

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