94-year-old WWII veteran loses everything in house fire. Here’s how the community is helping

A 94-year-old World War II veteran who escaped a house fire in Ship Bottom now has an entire community rallying behind his rebuilding.  
The fire happened a few weeks ago at Paul Roberts’ home.
Roberts saw a lot in his life, from manning the fuel depot in post-atomic Nagasaki, Japan, to evacuating twice during Hurricane Sandy as floodwaters rose. Now, add house fire survivor to that list. 
“I dropped the floor, you learned that in grade school and sure enough it was nice clean, sweet air down there that was wonderful,” says Roberts. “I stayed there.”
Roberts crawled out of his home, walked outside in just his underwear on the frigid night to his neighbor, Rich Obermayer, a retired New York City firefighter.
“If he had gone to bed, the fire started his bedroom, so I don't think he would have made it out,” says Obermayer.
The home is a total loss, and just about everything -- all of Roberts’ possessions -- are gone.
Obermayer’s daughter started a GoFundMe, and to Roberts’ shock it went viral. In just over a week, nearly $130,000 was raised for the retired mailman who lived on his own in his little Ship Bottom slice of paradise for the last three decades.
“I'm getting help from California, Connecticut, all up and down; people I don't even know I couldn't believe it. I figure it might be a little hope for humanity you know,” says Roberts.
Roberts is now living independently in an apartment in town while he and his daughter await to see what can be done on the home damaged in the fire.