57 state troopers head to Puerto Rico to assist in earthquake recovery efforts

Fifty-seven New Jersey state troopers are being deployed to Puerto Rico after yet another earthquake that shook the island.
A 5.0 magnitude quake struck the southern part of the U.S. territory.
One of the troopers heading to Puerto Rico is Jeffrey Lebron, who is originally from the island. He usually vacations there with his family every year, but this time he’s on a mission.
“It is where I am from. I have a lot of pride, so there was no reason for me not to go,” says Lebron.
For almost a month, the island has been continuously hit by earthquakes. The most severe was a 6.4 magnitude quake in early January. Officials estimate nearly $200 million in damage and 8,000 people without homes.
“Puerto Rico is a place that is in the center of the heart and soul of New Jersey,” says Gov. Phil Murphy. “We have hundreds of thousands of people of Puerto Rican descent here in New Jersey.”
Colonel Patrick Callahan says the troopers will spend the next few weeks on the island, acting as security for thousands of residents now living in tents, as well as traffic control in areas that have lost power.