Police: 3 people accused of stealing over 100 pieces of mail in Paramus

Three people were arrested Monday in connection with hundreds of pieces of stolen mail in Paramus.
Police say 18-year-old Robert Marte-Nunez, of Queens, New York, 18-year-old Michael Morban, of Manhattan, New York, and an unnamed minor are being accused of taking more than 100 pieces of mail.
Authorities say they pulled them over for speeding on Route 17 near Midland Avenue. That’s when they saw the mail in the glove compartment.
Police say they were able to see multiple addresses on the envelopes listed as Saddle River and Upper Saddle River. They say at least 20 mail items were tax related paperwork, electric company payments and financial information. None of the names on the hundreds of mail items matched the occupants of the vehicle, according to police.
They say the Paramus postal inspector, Saddle River police and Upper Saddle River police were notified of the investigation and arrest.
Marte-Nunez, Morban and the juvenile are all being charged with possession of stolen property and trafficking personal identification. Marte-Nunez was also issued motor vehicle summonses.