2nd Newark police officer injured in shooting released from hospital

The second Newark police officer injured in a shooting earlier this week has been released from the hospital.
Officer Johnny Aquino was shot in the neck and shoulder area while attempting to question a suspect on Nov. 1. Aquino’s partner was shot in the leg.
“This could have ended in a terrible way…God is good. We were able to see two police officers walk out of this hospital alive and well,” Baraka said.
Authorities say Aquino and Officer Jabrill Paul were attempting to question Kendall Howard about a different crime when Howard pulled out a gun and shot them.
The shooting led to an hourslong manhunt and shut down the apartment complex where the shooting occurred.
Howard was taken into custody the next day at that very same complex.
“We closed this out with everybody still alive…that’s because we have good police officers, trained police officers, people who love this community,” Baraka said.
Howard pleaded not guilty in the shooting but was ordered to remain in jail for the time being.