26 puppies found in van at Walmart in care of shelter

Puppies that were found in the back of a hot van parked outside a Walmart in Garfield over the weekend are now in the care of an animal shelter in Bergen County.
The 26 puppies, mostly English and French bull dogs, were taken to the Bergen County Animal Shelter for treatment.
Officials said the animals were found piled up in two crates inside the van. It was not clear how long the puppies had been in the vehicle.
"We do know that they were from another country, Colombia. The police indicated that they were tipped off because they were being sold from the back of the vehicle,” Bergen County Animal Shelter Director Deborah Yankow said.
Yankow said the dogs were not vaccinated and are now in isolation to make sure they are healthy. 
After going through the court system, the puppies will be put up for adoption.