‘Your Move’ Dance Festival to take place in Jersey City this week

It’s your move in Jersey City this week as the “Your Move” Dance Festival gets underway.
Dancers were rehearsing Tuesday at the historic Loews Theatre in Journal Square for performances that begin on Wednesday.
The dancing will not only be on stage, but dancers will get to create performances in the grand lobby of the theater for audiences that will gather around them. The event will feature 14 different dance companies.
“This, I think, is just inspiring for any artist. You come in here, the sort of grandiosity of it is unmatched, truly,” says Meredith Burns of Art House Productions. “There's nothing in this area that looks like this building where artists have the opportunity to perform and present work."
Art House Productions of Jersey City is the executive producer of the festival, which runs through Sunday. Performances are open to the public. More information about the festival can be found on its website.