Winter coming? No problem, Bell Works has an indoor farmers market

It’s no secret that New Jersey residents love going to farmers markets during the warmer months of the season. But with winter right around the corner, it seems that this tradition will be coming to an end.
But think again – New Jersey residents may be happy to hear that there is an indoor option for all their farmers market needs. And it’s located at the Bell Works complex in Holmdel.
“It seems to be a real hit,” says Bell Works Chief Operating Officer Robert Feinberg.
The farmers market is held every Wednesday in the 2 million-square-foot facility.
Items sold at the market include food, deserts, textiles and crafts.
There is Desired Dishes, which sells “all vegan baked goods, candy, chocolate,” according to owner Desiree Stemmer.
William Black of Bears Woods sells wooden crafts.
“We sell a lot of signs, lot of decorations and everything for yards, mailboxes,” he says. "You're spending your money on stuff that's made by hand; that's not done in a factory.”
And of course, no farmers market would be complete without Jersey Fresh fruits and vegetables.
The farmers market is open every Wednesday from 12-5p.m.