Wildwood police release body camera footage of beach arrest

Police in a Wildwood have released body camera footage showing the violent arrest of a Philadelphia woman cited for underage drinking over the Memorial Day weekend.
A bystander posted video online showing a Wildwood police officer punching Emily Weinman in the head during the Saturday arrest. The 20-year-old woman faces several charges, including aggravated assault on a police officer.
(WARNING: Videos contain explicit language)
The body camera footage released on Wednesday shows an officer as he confronts and argues with Weinman over the discovery of alcoholic iced tea drinks in her possession. Wildwood officials say the videos show Weinman assaulting the officers first.
Weinman can be heard swearing at officers and arguing with them as they try to hold her to the ground to arrest her. She is then seen kicking her legs and the officers appear to struggle to hold her down.
Weinman is then seen spitting in the general direction of the officers. Her attorney says that she was spitting sand out of her mouth.
Police have identified the officers involved as Thomas Cannon, John Hillman and Robert Jordan. They have been reassigned to desk duty pending the outcome of an investigation.
Wildwood’s mayor defended the officers, saying that they did what they had to do. 
But Weinman's lawyer say the videos show police overreacted.
The Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.
(WARNING: Videos contain explicit language)