What's Cooking: Lobster mac and cheese

Chef Will Merget, of EGP Land and Sea in Island Park, shows News 12's Lily Stolzberg how to make a delicious lobster mac and cheese.
Barilla elbow pasta 1 box
"Secret cheese sauce"
1 quart heavy cream
1 quart milk
1 lb white American cheese
1/2 lb white cheddar
3/4 lb Italian blend ex reggiano/pecorino
1/2 lb asaigo cheese
1/8 cup classic roux (50/50 butter and flour cooked to paste)
1/4 lb whole butter
2 oz heavy cream
Fresh Maine Lobster Claw and knuckle, 6 oz
1 oz Butter
Salt / White Pepper to taste
Topped with Lobster demi/crispy breadcrumbs

Recipe Instructions:
- Boil water.
- Add salt.
- Cook macaroni 11 min.
- Strain and toss in Evoo.
- Cool pasta and reserve.
- In medium sized pot.
- Heat milk and heavy cream.
-Bring to a simmer.
-Start by adding white American cheese slowly while stirring on low heat.
-Once incorporated continue adding other cheeses slowly one at a time on low heat.
-Once all cheeses are incorporated raise heat to medium high and whisk in the roux (50/50 butter and flour).
-Sauce consistency is a personal preference.
-For thicker cheese sauce add extra cheese and roux.
-For thinner cheese sauce add extra milk and butter.
-In nonstick pan, heat heavy cream and reduce by half.
-Add cheese sauce on low flame and slowly incorporate.
-Add in cooked pasta stir well.
-On medium heat fold in cooked lobster meat.
-Add butter.
-Transfer from pan to cast iron skillet.
-Garnish with crispy breadcrumbs and lobster demi.