STORM WATCH: Tracking impacts from weekend coastal storm

New details coming in from the National Hurricane Center are suggesting that stormy weather this weekend could be tropical.
Right now, the center of circulation that is off the Florida coast has winds up to 35 mph. To be a named system, the winds have to be consistent up to 39 mph. Tropical Storm Watches have been issued for the coast of South Carolina, and warnings have been issued for the coast of North Carolina. It's an interesting turn of events with this cluster of clouds and rain.
SHOULD NEW JERSEY BE CONCERNED? The answer is that we should be weather-aware. The brunt of what New Jersey will see is a wind-driven rain for Saturday and Sunday. It is looking more and more likely the weekend is being washed out.
How much rain? 1-3 inches is expected over both days of the weekend.
How gusty will the winds be? 40-50 mph at the coast. 20-30 mph away from the beaches.
Heavy rains could lead to minor flooding on their own, but with a good push of wind off the ocean and the heavy bouts of rain, there is a good chance for some saltwater inundation in the usual spots. Moderate flooding is likely during high tide on Saturday. Of course, the waves will be getting very rough in the surf zone and that could lead to erosion. Swimming is strongly not advised.
Please continue to check back in with our News 12 Storm Watch Team of meteorologists throughout the weekend to better plan around the developing weather.