WEATHER TO WATCH: Cloudy, drizzly Friday; heavier rain Saturday morning

Cloudy skies are expected for Friday. Saturday will see a rainy start.

Dave Curren

Oct 5, 2023, 9:59 AM

Updated 286 days ago


The weather begins to slowly change on us now. The winds are off the ocean. Temperatures will begin to slowly cool, and moisture will continue to build over the state.
Clouds, fog, mist and drizzle will be common tonight and tomorrow. The steadiest, stormiest stretch of weather is Saturday morning. It looks like a series of storms converges on the area. There will be a thin ribbon of moderate rain and possible thunder.
Under that convergence zone, one could say Saturday morning would be a washout. The vast majority of us will just be looking at occasional showers.
TONIGHT: Overcast and foggy. Lows around 61.
FRIDAY: Foggy start. Wind will be off the ocean. We won't see the sun at all. Count on a nuisance drizzle periodically. Nothing soaking. Just enough to be annoying. Highs near 73.
FRIDAY NIGHT: Showers move in. Lows cool to around 63.
SATURDAY MORNING: Plan on weather disruptions. Not everywhere in the state, so stay tuned on TV and to keep ahead of the weather.
SATURDAY: Slowly improving. Eventual sunshine by 3 p.m. Temperatures on the coolish side, upper-60s. Winds getting gusty 20-30 mph.
SUNDAY: Sunny and chilly. Highs barely get to 60.

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