‘We are teaching them to live in fear.’ Parents hold rally to protest mask-wearing in school

A group of parents held a rally outside the Point Pleasant Board of Education building to protest the fact that their children must wear masks in school.
“We are teaching them to live in fear,” says parent Nicole Capoano
Gov. Phil Murphy announced on Monday that New Jersey’s indoor mask mandate will be lifted Friday for fully vaccinated residents. But students must still wear masks while in school.
The parents say that they don't want their children's faces to be covered all day.
"The parents are concerned because right now, all limits seem to be lifted by our governor for adults. It seems that children are still being held responsible,” Capoano says. "The students can't breathe, they get headaches, they feel dizzy. Most important, social interaction. Children are supposed to see the other children smile. They're supposed to see adults smile at them. If you look around the room and just see a bunch of eyes staring at you, it's very hard."
The parents say that they are concerned that the students will have to wear masks next school year as well.
Children under 12 are not yet eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine shot.