NJ’s mask mandate coming to an end, but many say they will still stay masked

New Jersey’s indoor mask mandate will be lifted on Friday. And while many are celebrating the decision, there are many others who say that they will still wear their masks.
“I feel that it’s very important to wear a mask indoors, especially if you don’t know who is vaccinated,” says Michele Tiger, of Springfield.
There is some level of mistrust among the vaccinated who don’t believe that those who are unvaccinated will keep to the rules to keep their masks on indoors.
“People are going to say they’re vaccinated and I don’t think a lot of people will be telling the truth,” Tiger says.
Businesses in New Jersey can choose to require people to wear masks indoors. In Westfield, the owners of Tinga say that they will allow customers to forego wearing a mask once the order is lifted.
“If that’s what they want to do, we are going to allow it,” says assistant manager Kadin Goldin. “Personally, I think I’m still going to wear it because I’m unvaccinated. Probably the vaccinated employees will take it off.”
Social distancing rules will also be lifted on Friday, meaning restaurants can be at full capacity once again.
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