Wayne Town Council proposes full ban on retail sale of marijuana

The Wayne Town Council has proposed a full ban on the retail sale of marijuana
New Jersey legalized adult-use marijuana and decriminalized the possession of it in small amounts. In Wayne, a township of over 55,000 -- about 18,000 residents voted to legalize marijuana in the November election. But the Wayne council introduced an ordinance on March 3 to ban the sale.
Mayor Chris Vergano says, “We just don't believe it's worth the effort or the time it would take our community and what our community can become.”
“Nowadays, it’s all about how much income can we bring in and really what are the long-term effects on the kids?” says Carmen Tango, of Wayne.
Some disagree, saying marijuana sales can help the local economy, as seen in neighboring Paterson, which has partnered with dispensaries that promise local jobs. Vergano says he’s willing to accept a loss in revenue. 
“I would not want it sold here either,” says Cabanas. “I think it’s going to open up a can of worms, especially for all these kids here. I think it’s going to send them in the wrong directions, and I think the mayor is doing the right thing if he wants to ban it.”
Retail legislation gave towns such as Wayne 180 days to pass an ordinance to either approve or disapprove marijuana sales.
Wayne Township officials held a public meeting Wednesday night to discuss the proposal. As of 11 p.m. a formal vote had not taken place.