Wayne DPW worker finds man’s lost wedding band at recycling plant

Losing a wedding band is every married person’s worst nightmare.
Unfortunately, it happened to one man in Wayne. His ring slid right off his hand when he was tossing out his recycling. Luckily, he found a Department of Publics Works worker who was willing to get his hand dirty and find the band.
“I get a ladder. In the dumpster I go. I have like a rake - a squeegee we call it. I start pulling back a bit of material. A half hour later, I see something shine. This side of the dumpster. I said, ‘Who, I think I just found this guy’s ring,” says Wayne DPW senior driver Frank Sametz.
But the man who originally lost the ring still has not come back to reclaim it. The ring has an engraving inside that reads “Now and always.”