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Warm winter blues? New Jersey sees warmest January on record

It's warmer this winter in New Jersey, and a lot of residents have thoughts about the lack of winter chill.

News 12 Staff

Feb 16, 2023, 12:27 PM

Updated 515 days ago


The Garden State is seeing another warm winter day.
It’s a 60-degree day in February. Ducks are out swimming, parents are playing in the park with kids, and squirrels are having a snack.
This follows the warmest January on record, according to the New Jersey state climatologist. January was more like March weather and more typical for South Carolina this time of the year.
News 12 New Jersey’s Lauren Due visited South Plainfield at The Park Ave Diner and Roosevelt Park in Edison to get reactions from people about the lack of winter chill.
“It is bizarre,” one park-goer said. “It's way too hot in February, mid-February, and I'm taking this jacket off.”
Another park-goer said, “I've never seen weather like this before in February, it's just unreal. I don't know if it's global warming or what it is. I enjoy it, but if it's bad for the Earth - that's not so good. It's unbelievable.”
“I'm happy, I'm loving it. The groundhog lied,” a school bus driver said. “I'm here on my break walking through the park to get some exercise before the summer.”
But don't put the winter coats away just yet. The weekend will see cooler weather as temperatures take a dip.

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