Chance of rain Monday night into Tuesday morning

News 12 Storm Watch Meteorologist Michele Powers says to expect a chance of rain on Monday night and into Tuesday morning.
WHAT'S NEW: Muggier conditions develop more now with winds that are onshore. Risk of some fog too in spots overnight.
Temperatures were warm today but not as hot, so tonight will be mild with lows in the upper 60s.  
A few isolated showers around (mainly parts of Connecticut) will hang on through the evening.
Better chance of rain Monday night into Tuesday. Some of that could be heavy for Tuesday morning commute. 
NEXT: Tropical Storm Franklin is forecasted to intensify to a Category 3 or 4 hurricane by tomorrow. It stays offshore, but by Tuesday into Wednesday, swells will build with dangerous rip currents along the New Jersey shoreline.
Idalia is also forecasted to strengthen to a Hurricane by Tuesday. The Florida Gulf Coast should prepare now for a storm. Heavy rain and wind likely into the SE US through Wednesday and Thursday. Right now, the forecast keeps that storm suppressed just to our south. Impacts (if any) could occur Friday into next weekend.  
LOCAL FORECAST: Rain exits early Wednesday and then it's cooler and drier the end of the week.  A refreshing feel for a couple of days.  Warmer weather next weekend, but sky cover will hinge on how close Idalia or the remnants make it to the tri-state area. Could be a concern with beaches and rip currents/swells too for Labor Day Holiday weekend.