Voters approve ballot question to legalize adult-use recreational marijuana in New Jersey

New Jersey voters have approved Ballot Question No. 1, legalizing adult-use recreational marijuana.
Marijuana legalization was a major part of Gov. Phil Murphy’s campaign for governor. Murphy attempted to get the measure passed in the Legislature, but the bill never went up for a vote. It was then decided to place the question on the 2020 ballot.
Murphy said previously that legalizing marijuana “is a matter of social justice, racial justice, and economic justice.”
Tax revenue from the sale is expected to bring in millions of dollars for the state.
Under the amendment, only those 21 and older could legally buy and use the drug. It’s unclear when cannabis will be available because legislation must first be passed in order to set up the new marijuana market.
New Jersey will join the District of Columbia and 11 other states to legalizing cannabis. 
The Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.