Video shows Range Rover bursting into flames, spreading to other vehicles and home in Long Branch

Video shows the terrifying moments a Range Rover burst into flames and spread to other vehicles and a home in Long Branch.
The incident happened on Exchange Place just before 5 a.m.
According to neighbors and victims, the fire started when a Range Rover purchased just two months ago burst into flames.
Victor Pessoa, 17, was sleeping just a few feet away. He says it was a horrifying wake-up call.
"My neighbor's house is on fire," Pessoa is heard saying on a video he shared with News 12 New Jersey.
A neighbor across the street also captured the scary moments on video. The Long Branch Fire Department responded to the scene within minutes, thanks to Pessoa's 911 call.
"Homeowners were able to get out with the assistance of police officers and firefighters," says Chief Ron Guidetti.
Higor Mendonca owned the Range Rover that caught fire. He also made it out safely after the fire spread to his home and other vehicles. The fire destroyed his bedroom and left the vehicle unrecognizable.
Guidetti credits a rapid response from kept the fire from spreading, despite the strong winds at the time.
Although the video and photos point to the Range Rover being the point of origin, investigators say they will also try to figure out the cause.