‘Very disheartening.’ 18-person bridal party upset after tickets to Yankee game refunded due to capacity limits

A father is pulling out all the stops to get Yankees tickets back for his daughter's bridal party after they were refunded because of capacity limits at the stadium.
The party purchased $35 tickets for 18 people. Those tickets were refunded last week and now tickets are $130 each for a group of five people to see a game.
“To get this notification was very disheartening to say the least,” says Mike O’Hagan.
O’Hagan says there's no one more special than his daughter and bride-to-be Juliann.
“I’m not exactly sure what this decision was or how it was made, but this is an example of, you know, you’re not looking down the road and this is a once in a lifetime situation for us,” he says.
The plan was to surprise Juliann with a trip to a Yankees game with her fiancé and their 18-person bridal party. The tickets were purchased on Feb. 11 from a third-party website called SeatGeek.com. This past weekend, they were refunded following the new 20% capacity restrictions at Yankee Stadium.
“That was our priority this whole time, trying to make sure the Yankee game worked out,” says Erin Walls, the Maid of Honor. “Even before things started shutting down, that was our plan. She’s been engaged for two years.”
Walls says that Juliann has earned this outing because she is a front-line worker at the COVID-19 unit of Holy Name Medical Center.
“I am, as well as a lot of the actual bridesmaids that are in her wedding party…we were all really excited about this kind of feeling to normalcy,” Walls says.
O’Hagan and Walls say that they just want to be able for everyone to attend the game.
“What I’d love to see if for them to just get the tickets back for the same price and to be able to go back to the game,” O’Hagan says.
O’Hagan says that he has spoken to Major League Baseball, who forwarded him back to the Yankees. He says that the Yankees still have not gotten back to him.
News 12 New Jersey has also reached out to the Yankees but has not heard back.
The game that the group was supposed to see is taking place on April 16.