Ukrainian Americans in Freehold show their support for country besieged by war

Ukrainian Americans gathered in Monmouth County on Saturday to demonstrate against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

News 12 Staff

Feb 26, 2022, 11:30 PM

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Ukrainian Americans gathered in Monmouth County on Saturday to demonstrate against the Russian invasion of their homeland.
Not only were Ukrainian Americans present at the rally, but so were their allies who stood with them in solidarity to condemn the Russian invasion on their motherland
Ukrainian Americans came from near and far at the rally as they gathered in front of Fourth District Rep. Chris Smith's office to make their voices heard and call on the world community to step in for their nation.
"Step in like to cover, not fighting, but cover like cover the sky under Ukraine like they did it for Israel before," said organizer Maryna Vlasiuk.
It's been several days now since Russia invaded Ukraine and escalated an ongoing war between the two nations. Americans and Ukrainians have seen images of airports being bombed and people dodging missiles as well as long lines of cars of people trying to flee the country over the past few days.
Olga Egorov's family and friends are currently in Ukraine.
"I'm on the call with my friends and relatives, starting the first few minutes of the bombing. It's very hard to sleep, it's very hard to know that your people are suffering there and you're here safe and sound and cannot help," said Egorov, of West New York.
Here at home, Ukrainian Americans and their supporters have held prayer vigils and rallies where protestors called on more robust efforts from the United States and other world powers.
Smith stood in support of the Ukrainian people.
"Nothing is more important that trying to support a great people from a terrible invasion where brutality is every hour every minute," Smith said. "It's a human catastrophe brought by a naked aggression on behalf of Vladimir Putin, who is a war criminal and I do believe he needs to be held to account for war crimes."
As America continues to see images out of Eastern Europe, Ukrainians here in the states are continuing to pray for peace and continuing to make their voices heard in hopes that the world community will show up in a big way.
Prayer vigils and rallies will continue all across the area and there'll be a flag raising at Daileys Pond Park in South River on Sunday afternoon.

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