Trump cancels news conference; rally expected to be held outside Bedminster property

Embattled former president Donald Trump has canceled a planned news conference for Monday morning at his Bedminster property.
A federal indictment and one in Georgia charging Trump with lying about the 2020 election to overturn President Joe Biden’s win have done nothing to slow the geyser of election falsehoods flowing from the former president and his supporters.
The 98-page Georgia indictment lists several false allegations made by Trump that were quickly disproven by fellow Republicans, Georgia’s secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, and Gov. Brian Kemp. Still, Trump insists to this day that the election was stolen from him.
After the indictment, he promised a press conference this week revealing a report he claimed would show how the Georgia election was stolen from him — a pledge he rescinded on Thursday, saying his lawyers wanted to make his argument in a court filing instead.
“Does anybody really believe I lost Georgia?” Trump asked on his Truth Social network Saturday. “I DON’T.”
By repeating the lie over and over, even when it has been repeatedly exposed as baseless, Trump is not only ensuring that his loyal followers remain energized, but also dominating the discussion and forcing others to relitigate the 2020 election on his terms.
Trump has received stern warnings from judges involved concerning public comments about the charges and what he is now facing legally. This may very well have played a part in Trump’s decision to cancel Monday’s event, but it’s not confirmed as the reason.
Many New Jersey-based Trump supporters plan to peacefully rally in support of the former president in Bedminster Monday afternoon.
The Associated Press contributed to this report.