Toms River police seek suspects in $1 million jewelry store heist; search for suspect vehicles

The burglary happened at Venzio Jewelers at the Ocean County Mall last week.

Jim Murdoch

Apr 1, 2024, 9:29 PM

Updated 111 days ago


News 12 New Jersey has learned exclusive new information about a $1 million jewelry heist in Ocean County.
Although police have not said much in the days following this incident, it remains an extremely active investigation. Sources tell News 12 that security video exists of the burglary and police are looking for vehicles seen around the Ocean County Mall during the time this happened.
News 12 also confirmed through several sources whoever did this came prepared. According to those sources, the back door was left unlocked in the vacant store next to Venzio Jewelers. Sources say the bandits were smart enough to cover the automatic sprinkler heads, so they would not be set off from the dust and torch fumes as they broke through the wall and then torched their way into the safe.
Last week, police told News 12 that the heist happened sometime after the mall closed on Wednesday night. The thieves were able to make off with about $1 million worth of jewelry inside that safe.
Chris Lyle is a long-time customer who also became a victim as the jewelry he was waiting on was part of those stolen items locked in the safe.
"I lost a bracelet, beautiful bracelet, I was purchasing from Kevin. I almost had it paid off. I had it on his layaway program that he has…That was going to be my wife's birthday present," said Lyle. "Everything I've ever purchased has been through Kevin and Larry and they are honest and fair and I'm very sad that somebody would do this to them.”
Although Venzio Jewelers remains closed, the owners tell News 12 they are so grateful for the community reaching out and leaving them messages of support. They vow to reopen when they can.
Toms River police continue to lead the active investigation.

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