The Download: Fuji Instax Mini 11, Arcade One Up, Botley 2.0

Smartphones are great for taking and sharing photographs, but there are some cameras that take cool photos you can physically share. Polaroid may have been the first with instant photography, but Fuji's Instax cameras have made it super-fun. The Instax Mini 11 uses special instant film that develops in a couple of minutes. The camera is easy to use and creates fun photos that can be used in lots of different ways.
It may be next to impossible to get one of the new hot gaming consoles this year, but you can put your quarters down on these consoles. Arcade 1 Up has dozens of classic arcade game in retro looking cabinets that are just a little smaller than the originals. This year the company unveiled NBA Jam among other popular titles.
Botley 2.0 is a fun little robot that teaches kids the building blocks of computer coding. The key is that Botley doesn't need a tablet or computer, it uses a simple push button remote.